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This is what the Active Speed can achieve for you. A 5-minute solution that will put an end to sluggish surfing and download speeds forever. No longer will you have to wait endlessly for web pages to load. You'll discover that music or photos take seconds to download. You can surf, shop, email, and chat instantly. All this, thanks to the patent-pending technology that's exclusive to Active Speed. That simply means no other competing product uses this technology and can achieve similar results.

Over 100,000 users across the world use ActiveSpeed - making it the most popular web accelerator of all time! It's time you joined this exclusive club.

Unbelievable Speeds!

"Oh my goodness, what a difference with Active Speed...My Internet speed has been incredible even with my dial-up modem and the very modest connection rate with AOL at 26,000 bps. I will recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you."
-- Mike Gassner

"...I don't have a clue as to how Active Speed works, but I would recommend this ... to anyone who is frustrated with sluggish Internet speeds."
-- John Estes


Amazing speeds through Active Speed -
But how the hell does it achieve them?

Well, what's the secret? Exclusive, patent-pending Active Speed™ technology instantly unlocks and unblocks your bogged-down Internet connection to increase speeds by almost four times. When you bought your computer, it came with certain factory settings for download throughput, ping time, and other adjustments that assume an "average" computer user. But there is a problem with that. You are not an average computer user - nobody is. Active Speed is the only solution that adjusts your network settings for the way you actually use your computer, so now you can:

· Surf the Web up to 4 times faster.
· Perform research for work or school up to 4 times faster
· Shop and finish your taxes up to 4 times faster
· Chat with your friends up to 4 times faster
· Play games up to 4 times faster
· Hear music and watch video without "buffering" interruption

The Active Speed Difference!

Is Active Speed for me?

If you are bothered by the Internet speeds on your PC, Active Speed is definitely for you. If you find costs of shifting from a dial-up to DSL connection a bit too high, Active Speed is what you need.

"Will it work on my computer?" Yes, definitely. Active Speed speeds up the Internet for all computers with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

"Will it work on my type of Internet connection?" Yes, we guarantee it. ActiveSpeed dramatically improves any home or office Internet connection, including dial-up modems of any speed, and high-speed connections such as cable modems, DSL, ISDN, T-1, LAN, etc.

"Will it work with my Internet Service Provider?" Absolutely. Active Speed boosts download time from all Internet services, including AOL, MSN, EarthLink, and all local ISPs.

Amazing Active Speed!

"I have purchased Active Speed and found that it did, indeed, speed up my Internet connection. Pages load faster, pictures load faster, and it just makes my Internet experience that much more enjoyable. The best part is the support I received from the company... This company and Active Speed delivers."
- Glen Noggle

"I have just installed Active Speed and I am amazed, surprised and flabbergasted at the improvement with the surfing speeds. This really works!"
-- Jack Strickland

So, How Much Does Active Speed Cost?

You are lucky that you have landed on this web page. For today, you can get a whopping 50% off on the retail price of $59.95.

For A Very Limited Time
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That is a whopping 35% less than what Propel Charges. $29.95 for a full year of blazing speeds. No monthly subscription charges. Plus one year of technical support. All it would cost you is 8 cents a day!

But wait, you don't have to pay
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  • Don't pay one cent for Active Speed until you see for yourself that everything we say is true.
  • Take the 30-day risk free trial and satisfy yourself that you can achieve significant speed boosts
  • Then, join over 100,000 satisfied customers.
  • Remember, you pay only if you agree that in fact your computer does run faster than ever
  • If Active Speed doesn't work for you, cancel your trial within 30 days - YOU PAY NOTHING.
  • $29.95 is the complete cost for one year. No other subscription/hidden charges.

PS: Try Active-Speed for free. Take 30 full days to see for yourself that everything we say is true. Order now. Boost your Internet connection speed by almost 4 times while still using your existing dial-up or DSL connection. If for any reason you are not satisfied, cancel your trial within 30 days and you pay nothing.

PPS: No other competing product offers so much: A 30-day risk free trial, blazing speeds and 1 year of FREE tech support. All this for an unbeatable price.


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